Managed Account

Our signature project is called Secured Global Funds, which advises and manages funds on behalf of clients through professional account management services on the Forex Market and ETF products. The wide range of investment programs with different risk and profit levels will satisfy the needs of major investor groups.
Our senior managers and portfolio officers are authorized and regulated by the relevant authorities and hold investment portfolio license. Through the vast experience and efficient trading strategies, we have a track record of excellent performance for the past few years.

Our Advantages

Risk Insurance

Most of our investment plans have a trading risk insurance option. By choosing this option all losses on your account will be covered.

Individual Investment Portfolio

The investment products, provided by experienced professional traders, are based on trading systems

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whose reliability and profitability have been proven over time. Not only can you choose any available investment products, you can also combine them to create your own customized investment portfolio.

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Profitability & Risk Control

The ability to control the profitability of trading operations allows you, if necessary, to adjust the

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investment portfolio to optimize profitability and risk. Furthermore, unlike bank deposits and similar types of investment, the profitability of the investment portfolio is not limited.

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Profitable Investment Terms

The minimum investment is USD 10,000. An investment this low not only allows you to try out our services, it also

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gives you more flexibility when managing your investment portfolio.

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Using Advanced Technologies And The Latest Innovations

Direct access to the largest liquidity providers

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Commerzbank, UBS, HSBC, Integral, Currenex using ECN/STP technology, provides our senior managers with the most comfortable working conditions as well as protections from operational and technological risks.

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Forex (FX) Trading

Our Forex team has an incredible result record and holds many sophisticated trading strategies amongst it. Forex offers an exposure to a global market and differing risks preferences within. By trading such a global market, it enables our clients to gain access to emerging markets alongside developed economies. This is a hugely liquid market and enables great volume potential per trade to be executed, giving freedom of large funds being place at any one time. Our focus in this market is finding opportunities with the Major currencies, taking long or short positions based on economic events as they arise.

Equities Trading

The equities team boasts an equally impressive record and offers a wide range of strategic options. Whether it be income yielding through the accumulation of dividends or capital gain profits through outright trading, or a combination of the two. The equities branch specializes in US equity markets, but also offers exposure to European, Asian stock markets. A range of risks parameters can be exercised through the various industry sectors, indexes, and associated market capitalisations to particular companies.

Investment Strategy

Our team has an extremely strong trading records and has developed some world class strategies. Our goal is to always utilize these skills and resources to offer each client a totally bespoke investment solution. Our main priority lies in actively trading in the markets with a strong focus on performance while working hard to reduce risk and minimise losses. We can offer secure and transparent managed account programmes for high net worth individuals or a more structured fund offering for asset managers and capital allocators, while specialising in many other investment products to suit your needs. Because of our expertise in trading active markets and our fundamental based approach we have been able to offer clients consistently profitable returns during all market cycles.

Contact Us

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Pruton Capital is the Trading Name of Pruton Group of Companies.