Agree To Terms & Conditions

Pruton Capital will not provide any advice to the Client. If Pruton Capital effects a transaction with or for the Client, this shall not be taken to mean that Pruton Capital recommends, or concurs on the merits of the transaction or that the transaction is suitable for the Client.

Margin FX & CFD Contract carries a high degree of risk and adverse market movements can give large gains to losses exceeding the Client original deposit and consequently the client can afford to lose the sums which he/she remits to Pruton Capital as deposit and otherwise satisfy any losses resulting from a contract.

Pruton Capital will not be responsible for advising the Client on any taxation liabilities that may arise in relation to services provided by Pruton Capital hereunder.

The Client agrees and understands that trading on an electronic trading system carries risks.

The Client shall pay brokerage fees, commission and all other charges (including, without limitation, mark-ups and mark-downs, statement charges, idle account charges, order cancellation charges, account transfer charges or other charges), fees (including, without limitation, fees imposed by any interbank agency, bank, contract markets or other regulatory or self-regulatory organizations) arising out of Pruton Capital providing services hereunder.

Pruton Capital has all rights to amend, change, delete, add, and modify spreads, fees, daily trading bounty, leverage, margin requirements, liquidation level (stop out or auto hedging level) and any offers for any accounts or any positions, at any time at Pruton Capital absolute discretion and without prior notice.

Pruton Capital may, in the manner it deems appropriate, close out the Client’s open positions in whole or in part, sell any or all of the Client’s property held by Pruton Capital, buy any securities, financial instruments, or other property for the Client’s trading account(s), and may cancel any outstanding orders and commitments made by Pruton Capital on behalf of the Client without prior notice in the event the Client failed to timely settle his/her financial obligation such as credit facilities, maintain margin requirements, and any other payment obligation.

The Client is liable to Pruton Capital if amounts are due by the Client and not paid upon the reminder given by Pruton Capital, the accounts shall be closed out and the Client shall pay all resulting charges as they are incurred, or as Pruton Capital in its sole and absolute discretion, may determine, and the Client hereby authorises Pruton Capital to withdraw the amount of any such charges from the Client’s account.

Pruton Capital official language is the English Language.

Pruton Capital retains the right to amend its policies at any time by making them public on its website. The Client consents and agrees that the latest versions of the above documents and Policies published on Pruton Capital website shall prevail.

I have carefully read, completely understood and fully accept the terms and conditions with and within all the documents including all policies available to me online on Pruton Capital website.

Pruton Capital may require additional and/or ancillary documents including, but not limited to a signature specimen for the establishment and maintenance of the Client trading account at any time, and that failure to provide such documents may result in closing the trading account or not opening it at all.
As regards the use of electronic/internet services provided by Pruton Capital, the signature specimen means the Login Number and Password for which I am fully responsible.

I, the Client hereby unreservedly accept and/or confirm and/or acknowledge and/or declare and/or warrant that this agreement and any investment services provided and/or offered under it by Pruton Capital.

No pressure has been placed on me by Pruton Capital in accepting and/or agreeing and/or confirming and/or acknowledging and/or declaring and/or warranting all information provided by Pruton Capital.

By either signing and/or submitting this agreement under any form, I hereby unreservedly accept and/or confirm and/or acknowledge and/or declare and/or warrant that I am entering into a legally binding Agreement with Pruton Capital as per Client Agreement, all Terms and Conditions therein and in addition but not limited to, all information provided and/or contained within Pruton Capital website available online, as these may be amended from time to time by Pruton Capital.