• The above Client hereby grants Power of Attorney and Trading Authorization, excluding any of substitution, to:

  • (hereinafter the "Trading Agent") to act on the Client’s behalf with full legal effect with respect to Pruton Capital as follows:

    • The “Trading Agent” shall be legally authorized to represent the Client regarding any and all present and future dealings with the “Pruton Capital”, in particular with respect to all assets deposited in the Client’s trading account, and to give instructions to the “Pruton Capital” to buy, sell and trade Margin FX and CFD Contract for the trading account on behalf of the Client.
    • The “Trading Agent” shall be authorized to accept, check and approve statements of trading account and other correspondence intended for the Client.
    • Unless expressly requested in writing by the Client, the “Trading Agent” shall not however be authorized to effect any payments or to withdraw any assets of the Client deposited with the “Pruton Capital”, except as required to perform authorized prerogatives as hereinabove.
    • The Power of Attorney shall be granted to the “Trading Agent” personally, and it is hereby expressly stated that the “Pruton Capital” shall not influence the management of the trading account in any way, but shall only follow the instructions given by the “Trading Agent”. The Client therefore releases the “Pruton Capital” from any responsibility whatsoever for all acts, losses or omissions on the part of the “Trading Agent”.
    • The Power of Attorney shall remain valid towards the “Pruton Capital” until revoked in writing by the Client. This Power of Attorney shall not expire upon the death, bankruptcy or the loss of legal capacity of the Client or the “Trading Agent”.
    • The applicable law and jurisdiction shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions in the Client Agreement, which are known to and accepted by the Client, and apply fully to this Power of Attorney Agreement.

    Please note that Pruton Capital” is authorized to follow the instructions of the “Trading Agent” in every respect concerning the Client’s Account with the “Pruton Capital”, except that said “Trading Agent” is not authorized to withdraw any money, securities or other property either in the name of Client or otherwise.

Pruton Capital is the Trading Name of Pruton Group of Companies.