Forex, Metals, Energy, Indices, Stocks & Mirror Trade (MIT)

At Pruton Capital we provide our clients with a wide variety of financial instruments to trade, at competitive rates at all time, guaranteed! We have a policy of No Re-Quote, No Slippage and Tight Spreads for all executions at all time.
Pruton Capital offers you the ability to trade the instruments through the award winning, state-of-the-art platform, MetaTrader 4. The instruments available include Forex, Gold & Silver, Energy, Stocks, & Indices. A certain advantage is the fact that all products can be traded from one single account, enabling client access to the world’s best trading environment with Pruton Capital, a reliable broker in online trading.

Why Traders Choose Pruton Capital?

Competitive Trading

  • Tight spreads
  • High speed executions
  • Low commission or fees
  • Start trading with micro lot
  • Fair and transparent trading environment

Superb Offering

  • Tailor made account types
  • Unlimited free demo accounts
  • Choice of variable and fixed spreads
  • First time bonus and continuous loyalty bonus
  • Over 60 instruments offered, the list keeps growing


Majors, Crosses and Exotics

It is reported that there are over 4 trillion US Dollars in volume traded on a daily basis in the Forex Market, and is by far the largest and most liquid of the financial markets. Pruton Capital gives you access to the forex market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, allowing you to trade a basket of currencies pairs. With leverage up to 1:100 and our 5 decimal pricing, traders have a more accurate pricing model for the best possible trading conditions.

  • Non-stop market, 24/5 trading
  • Currencies include Majors, Crosses and Exotics
  • Flexible leverage and contract sizes
  • No re-quote, no slippage and lightning execution
  • No dealing desk trading

Spot Metals

Gold and Silver

Trade spot metals (Gold and Silver) directly with Pruton Capital as an alternative investment for diversifying your portfolio. It is a very popular form of trading and comes with a package of benefits that is extremely appealing to most traders. Political and economic events influence prices and cause them to fluctuate at times. When there is turmoil and uncertainty in the economy, investors choose precious metals over traditional markets such as stocks and bonds due to its safe haven status. In addition to this, they are safe from inflation.

  • Trade spot metals 23 hours a day
  • High liquid markets
  • Alternative investment to traditional stocks
  • Flexible leverage and contract sizes
  • No re-quote, no slippage and fast execution
  • No dealing desk trading

Trade gold and silver with Pruton Capital and take advantage of the emergence of spot metals as a strong asset class.


WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil and Natural Gas

At Pruton Capital we offer a variety of energy products to choose from such as WTI Crude Oil (US Oil), Brent Crude Oil (UK Oil) and Natural Gas, with flexible trading conditions and easy access to the markets. It is far less costly to trade energy products with Pruton Capital than to take part in the underlying exchange because margin requirements are significantly lower. Energy supply can be impacted by various factors including politic situation, environment and speculation. Oil is the most liquid and actively traded energy products in the world. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil is recognized as a high grade, low density, low sulphur oil and is considered the benchmark of oil pricing.

  • Low margin requirements and flexible contract sizes
  • High liquid markets
  • No re-quote, no slippage and instant execution
  • Choose between rollover or settle position when contract expire
  • No dealing desk intervention


Hang Seng Index

An equity index, or stock market index, is a method of measuring a section of the stock market. The levels of certain indices are used as a method of assessing the status of a nation’s stock market in general and as an indication of the nation’s economic strength overall. At Pruton Capital, you can access to Hang Seng Index, the world most active and volatile stock index.

  • Trade the world most active stock index
  • Low margin requirements
  • Benefits from rising and falling
  • Spot contract, no expiry
  • Make huge profit with small capital


CFD on Stocks (US Stocks)

CFD stands for Contract for Difference. It is a simple, inexpensive contracts that allow trading on a broad range of financial instruments. CFDs can be used to trade on many instruments such as Commodities, Stock Index, Forex and Equities/Stocks.

The CFD on stocks was developed to clients to trade in stocks, without having to physically own the stocks itself. Pruton Capital offers some of the first-rate company stocks, including markets leaders such as Google, Microsoft and many more. Clients can go long or short on stocks, while enjoying tight spreads and generous leverage.

  • Trade most of the US Stocks
  • Super low margin requirements
  • Day trade with higher contract size
  • Eliminates the inefficiencies of trading stocks on the exchange
  • No re-quote, no slippage and instant execution
  • Stop-loss and limit orders to maximize profits and minimized losses

Mirror Trade (MIT)

Mirror Trade (MIT)

Platform providing choices of world class traders and world leading copy trades system. With our MIT system client copied the trade instantly from the traders of their choice that match their trading preferences.

Pruton Capital is the Trading Name of Pruton Group of Companies.