Contract Expiration

Energy trading has a monthly expiration (please see expiration table).
Clients that hold an open position on the ‘Pruton Capital Expiration’ will be closed at our bid/ask price at:
US Crude Oil – 05:00 GMT
The only effect of this is the Client will realise any floating profit or loss at the time it is closed.


Client buy 5 contract @ 70.00.
One day prior to expiration, the expiring month is trading @ 73.00.
The Client’s position is closed @ 73.00 and the profit is credited to the Client’s trading account.
All pending orders that are associated with the expiring contract will be cancelled.
Client will need to re-establish with new position (assuming they wish to) and re-enter pending orders to the new position.

US Crude Oil (NYMEX) Expiration Table 2018

Contract Month Exchange Expiration Pruton Capital Expiration
Dec 17 20 Nov 17 Nov
Jan 19 Dec 18 Dec
Feb 22 Jan 19 Jan
Mar 20 Feb 19 Feb
Apr 20 Mar 19 Mar
May 20 Apr 19 Apr
Jun 22 May 21 May
Jul 20 Jun 19 Jun
Aug 20 Jul 19 Jul
Sep 21 Aug 20 Aug
Oct 20 Sep 19 Sep
Nov 22 Oct 19 Oct
Dec 19 Nov 16 Nov

Pruton Capital is the Trading Name of Pruton Group of Companies.